The building was donated by the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad. This building was used at one time as a car house and to store equipment in New Sweden. The entrance door is wide for the purpose of bringing in the large mail and baggage cart or motor cart.

The motor car on the track in front replaced the hand car to check sections of tracks from one station or section house to another. In the beginning there was one in every town.

tour2Our Lady of Assumption Chapel
Notre Dame de l'Assomption

Une reproduction des eglises en bois rond du 18e siecle. Le pignon est surmonte d'un clocher.

A replica of an early log church during the eighteenth century. The belfry houses one of the oldest bells in the valley.

Blacksmith Shop
la Boutique de Forge

Faite selon une ancienne boutiqueetable a deux larges portes pour le passage des chevaux.

Reconstructed from an old shop and barn. The shop has large double doors to admit horses for shoeing.

tour3The Hamlin Schoolhouse-circa 1880
Une Maison d'Ecole de Campagne

On croit que cette maison d'ecole est une des plus anciennes de la vallee. Situee a Hamlin, Maine. Elle a servi jusqu'en 1942.

This schoolhouse is known to be the oldest in the community and was formerly located in Hamlin, Maine. the building was used as a school until 1942.

The Country Store
Un Magasin General

Cet edifice marquait l'entree du village. Il servait aussi bien que le local "d'arts et metiers," a celebrer les evenements et les personnes qui faisaient du village une realite.

This building serves as the entrance to 


the village. Along with local arts and crafts being sold here.

There are many more buildings that are beyond the scope of this Website. Plus we really do not want to ruin the excitement for when you get a chance to visit our Village in person.

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