An original thought to date to the 1790's. It was donated by Phillip and Leone Rossignol of Hamlin. The dwelling was situated on Boniface Road (a nickname for the Roys).roy1

It was taken down log by log and reconstructed on the site, built if square hewed logs, piece on piece and pegged. Note the latch on the door and the low entry. The field stone fireplace, built by CETA workers, is a replica of the original fireplace. It was used as a source of cooking and heating the house. Notice the dirt floor.

The house originally may have had one or two very small windows. The mattress is a pallet, stuffed with straw, which was changed in the spring and fall. The bed spring is made of rope, similar to the way Acadians made springs for the ships. The loft is where the children slept, on straw mattresses on the floor. The mattresses were stacked in a corner to make room during the day.roy2

The Roy House has the main door facing a brook, like it was built on its original site, to make hauling water faster and easier. In the winter time the animals, such as the horse or cow or sometimes even both, were housed at night with the family, to help provide heat on extremely cold nights. The rocking chair was donated by Lenore Parent, it is an early 1800's hand made piece. All other chairs are hand made and are known as Acadian chairs. Clothes were washed by hand in the large tub, children's bath might have been taken in the same tub.

Notice the moss insulation

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